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As winter turns to summer and that holiday vibe kicks in, we all gravitate to outdoor spaces where the sun shines and makes us happy …. which calls for sunscreen! Make sure you choose a safe, effective one that is as kind to the environment as it is to your skin. Esse has just launched that sunscreen – here are four reasons why it qualifies.

1 – Certified organic is better for your skin

The Esse Sunscreen is free of synthetic chemical sunscreen ingredients. It uses natural ingredients and is certified organic, meaning we comply with the Ecocert COSMOS standards. Apart from tight ingredients and packaging controls, these standards enforce a minimum percentage of organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are free from agricultural herbicides and pesticides which is not only better for the environment but also better for you.

2 – Natural sunscreen is effective

The effective ingredient in our sunscreen is coated Zinc Oxide (0% nano particles) which screens out UV rays but is nearly transparent on application. One of only 2 sunscreen ingredients deemed safe by the FDA, Esse includes it along with anti-oxidants from Myrothamnus, Rooibos and Olive Leaf Extract to mop up the free radicals generated by sun exposure.

3 – Microbiome friendly formulation

Just to re-iterate, your microbiome is the sum of the microbes in and on your body. They work with your human cells to manage the intricate chemistry that keeps you healthy. The microbes that take shelter in and on our skin make up your skin microbiome.

Your skin’s microbiome is susceptible to your skincare inputs – you can support it with microbiome considerate products or you can inadvertently disrupt it. Factors that negatively affect your microbiome include excessive preservative inclusion, incorrect pH balance and synthetic chemical ingredients. By considering all the factors that influence the health of the microbes on your skin, Esse’s sunscreen is formulated to support them.

4 – Considering the environment – coral reef friendly

Recently banned in Hawaii, the common sunscreen ingredient oxybenzone is devastating to coral reefs and ocean wildlife and has been under the spotlight with regards to human safety as well. An estimated 14 000 tons of sunscreen is believed to be deposited in oceans annually – shame on us if we choose not to make responsible choices when they are available.

For more information on our sunscreen, head over to the product page.

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