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The Esse Sunscreen is one of the first of its kind and may swiftly become part of many outdoor athlete’s arsenal – we heard why from ultra-runner Riana Henning.

A Change in the Right Direction

Not only has Riana been an avid runner for many years, she has also shifted her mindset to be more geared towards a “clean lifestyle”. Her switch to Esse happened about a year ago and has been wholehearted, stocking her bathroom cabinet with all products that address her skin needs. When she heard the news of the Esse Sunscreen, Riana did not have to think twice about what her next Esse investment would be, especially considering she runs almost every day and often in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest.

A Sunscreen that Ticks all the Boxes

Riana swiftly included the sunscreen in her training routine, a much-needed change for her as “all other products still gave [her] sunburn and always burnt [her] eyes.” Considering that the events she enters often have her running throughout the day (up to 12 hours), sufficient protection from the sun is integral.

Putting the Esse Sunscreen to the Test at the Namibia Crossing

The real test for the Esse Sunscreen occurred when Riana packed it in her bags when she took part in the Namibia Crossing race. This was a 5-day, 200km trail run through the ancient, arid landscape of the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. Although the race took part during winter, Riana was still exposed to the African sun for extended periods of time.

What Riana loved about the Sunscreen, which she used on both her face and body, is that it absorbs easily and doesn’t feel like it is simply “sitting on top of [her] skin”. She also found it particularly useful that she didn’t feel the need to reapply the sunscreen once she had put it on in the morning before the race. “It was the first time ever that I had no sunburn!”

The Esse Suncreen was a long time in the making: it took the research team at Esse about 5 years to reach the point where all the necessary elements met function and expectation goals. This product has been specifically formulated for active days in the sun and comes with environmental credentials to back Esse’s philosophy of responsibility to the planet.

For more information on the Esse Sunscreen, visit our product page! To find your nearest stockist, click here.

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