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We hear it every day from the skincare experts – too much sun is not good for your skin. That said, if you have sensitive skin you will struggle with conventional sunscreens. They tend to be loaded with synthetic chemicals, so are likely to irritate sensitive skin and may leave you wondering if sunburn might not be that bad after all.

Why is skin sensitivity so common?

When looking at the incidence of skin sensitivity in urban, westernised societies in comparison to those experienced in rural or hunter gatherer societies, you might be surprised to discover that all the extra luxury is a recipe for flare-ups. When more than half of a population identify as having sensitive skin, you have to stop and ask why.

We suggest a number of reasons that include increased exposure to synthetic chemicals and anti-germ agents.

What is Esse’s sunscreen offering?

We’ve taken all the triggers into consideration, just as we do with every product we formulate:

  • It’s a sunscreen so its primary function is to prevent sunburn – we’ve excluded fragrance.
  • It’s mineral based so there is not much need to preserve it – we’ve preserved it very mildly.
  • We’ve tested it – A LOT. This product was 5 years in the lab and sensitivity trials have proven it to be perfect for sensitive skins

Trials were carried out on 50 volunteer subjects – 26 had normal skin, 4 had eczema, 3 had skin allergies and 17 had sensitive skin. The test results revealed that none of the subjects showed any reaction even when the sunscreen was applied to skin that had been tape-stripped ten times.

As we learn more about the impact of the modern lifestyle on skin, it makes sense that we amend our habits.

While sun exposure is the topic of discussion, you might want to investigate the SPF properties of our foundations – these are your perfect daily sun protection partner when long beach days are not on the cards. Discover products here

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