Clarifying Cleanser

Mild ikke-skummende detoxing rens til uren hud.

Mild ikke-skummende og barrierebeskyttende cleanser, der detoxer huden med trækul og skaber balance med probiotiske ekstrakter. 2% Salicylicsyre stabiliserer hudens pH-værdi og renser tilstoppede porer.

(2 customer reviews)

295,00 kr.

Produkt detaljer

100% Natural
84% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
413g Carbon Offset

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2 reviews for Clarifying Cleanser

  1. Chanel

    The mild exfoliation is exactly what my skin needs! This product is one of my favorite!

  2. Ina-Lize Senekal

    Absolutely LOVE the activated Charcoal cleanser. I used it only in the evenings and sometimes in the mornings if needed. I left it on my acne for about 5 min and then rinsed off. My skin Felt so smooth after the use of this cleanser, inflammation felt a lot less afterwards. I do have a very reactive skin but my skin LOVED this cleanser. A Must Have in your skincare routine. It even help to equal out my Oily T-Zone.

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