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Our very first foray into colour cosmetics came about as a result of your nudging. We were constantly reminding you about the need to consider your skin’s microbiome but could not recommend a microbiome-friendly foundation. Creating a “microbiome-friendly” barrier on the skin is a sensible way to limit the skin’s exposure to possible synthetic chemicals in make-up. As far as we know, this is the world’s first probiotic and microbiome-considerate foundation.

Here’s why these properties make it perfect for sensitive skins…

Certified Organic

We all know that organic farming is better for the environment as it bans the use of synthetic chemicals. This no chemical rule applies to organic skin care products as well. Reducing your exposure to chemicals is less taxing on our bodies too. Much of the sensitivity we experience today is a result of the ongoing assault on our body’s natural functions through exposure to synthetic chemicals. At some point, our immune systems declare war – a state we would rather avoid.

As with all Esse products, our foundations contain ingredients selected for their safety so that sensitive skins are not pushed into a state of panic. We believe that sourcing organic ingredients is the best way to ensure clean, safe products that perform the functions intended without any side effects.

Organic Foundation Free of Fragrance

We all love to smell good but too much of a good thing is often where the troubles start. Because we wanted our foundations to be sensitive skin friendly and because they are foundations, we decided that they could do without smelling pretty. Actually, they don’t smell of much at all, which is perfect.

Strengthening Probiotics

Strengthening barrier function is one of the hero properties of skin probiotics. The Esse foundations contain millions of tyndallised probiotic microbes per application which turn your foundation into more than just a coverup. Treating sensitivity with probiotics is one of the most effective and sustainable ways of finding a long-term solution.

SPF 30 Protection

Sensitive skins are often intolerant of too much sun exposure. The natural, wax-coated minerals in our foundations mean that you can leave a sunblock out of your facial routine. That means one less product and when it comes to sensitive skin, if you are a sufferer, you’ll know that the less is more philosophy is a sensible one.

All in all, Esse foundations have sensitive skin covered! Find your nearest stockist here.

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