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whats in a drop

What’s in a Drop?

The Esse probiotic skincare range includes a multitude of carefully selected natural ingredients that are proven to have a positive impact on improving skin barrier function, hydration and the effects of ageing, as well as a number of other benefits. But what exactly is in a drop of Esse?

Each product is developed to address a specific skin concern, therefore no two products are the same. However, apart from each product’s tailored ingredients, there are two ingredients that are included in all Esse products. These are probiotics and prebiotics. They are the foundation upon which Esse products are developed, and what sets Esse apart from regular skincare brands.

Defining Pre-and Probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics have a symbiotic relationship. Probiotics are live micro-organisms (bacteria) that have proven health benefits when either consumed or applied to the skin. These live organisms help to restore the body and skin’s natural balance, which is why they are included in food items such as yoghurt, and skincare products such as Esse Probiotic Serum. Prebiotics, simply put, are food for the probiotics, which feed on the prebiotics to remain active and working at optimal capacity.

Internally, these bacteria are collectively called gut flora or gut microbiota. Consuming a balanced amount of both prebiotics and probiotics keeps the gut healthy, preventing a bacterial imbalance by keeping pathogens at bay with their protective functionality.

Externally, skincare products that contain probiotics – either live or inactivated – provide the skin with a defence mechanism that is comprised of beneficial microbes, which increase their population on your skin’s surface, thereby preventing pathogens (or bad microbes) from taking up residence on your skin. These little bacterial soldiers are an essential part of the epidermis, and without them, you are left exposed to any number of potential germs and pathogenic bacteria, which can lead to negative skin reactions, and even illness.

In order to provide the skin with natural treatments that don’t cause irritation or strip the skin of its natural barrier function, we only use approved and certified organic ingredients, so our customers can rest assured that they are not exposing themselves to harmful or toxic chemicals. Natural botanicals form a large proportion of the ingredients that we use, each with their own unique skincare benefits and natural fragrances. These ingredients are selected for their specific skin concern benefits. For example, Esse has developed serums for rehydrating skin. Other skin concerns, such as acne, ageing skin, sensitivity, pigmentation, dryness and oily skin, are also catered for.

So, to answer the question, “What’s in a drop?”, millions of probiotics and beneficial ingredients that serve to treat your particular skin concern, without the harsh additives included in many regular skincare and beauty products. Whilst these may provide short-term results, science and nature provide solid evidence that natural products are far healthier for the body, which obviates the possibility of an allergic reaction or a severe condition that is triggered by harsh synthetics.

In conclusion, a little (drop) goes a long way!

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